Incubate 2

Hatch started 2017 with a month-long residency at Middlebury College in Vermont with Andrew W. Mellon Interdisciplinary Choreographer Maree ReMalia. Working with guest artists Hyunjung Lee and Joseph Hall, we explored seeds of ideas that will grow into our next crop of full-length work. In addition to this new work, Hatch taught a class with Maree that focused on collaboration in the arts (more below).

Work Samples from Class

Course Description
In collaboration with with Maree ReMalia’s Movement Matters Project, Hatch taught Collaboration in the Arts (ARDV 0216) at Middlebury College, January 2017.

What happens when a musician dances, a choreographer writes, a micro-biologist makes a sculpture? We invited Artists and those who are creatively curious to play, experiment, and engage in collaboration across artistic and academic disciplines. We considered how stretching in this way helps us acknowledge and embrace difference across our many, intersecting identities. Focusing on the creative process, this course explored artistic expression and helped students generate new collaborative projects, which included performances, installations, and hybrid works. Throughout the term, we generated journals and mini projects that culminated in evening-length final performance. Creative and scholarly sources supporting this class included the practice of contemporary improvisational methods, viewing recent film, visual art, and dance performance, as well as engaging with current readings, interviews, and discussions related to collaboration in the arts. We also touched on the entrepreneurial aspects of creative process, such as writing artistic statements, project descriptions, and grant proposals.

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